Health & Wellness Classes

7:00am   Belly & Booty Group

       Workout to Gospel Music

7:30am     Peace in the Storm

       Guided Christian Meditation

(8:00am Breakfast Break)

10:00am   Fitness via Praise Dance

10:30am   Full-Body Deep Stretch

         to Gospel Music

11:00am   DIY Kale Chips

         Cooking Class

(11:30amLunch Break)

2:00pm   D.I.Y. Natural Cleaner

       Virtual Workshop

2:30pm   D.I.Y. Lemon Sugar Scrub

       Virtual Workshop

3.00pm   Declutter: D.I.Y. Minimalist

      Capsule Wardrobe Workshop 

3:30pm   Stronger, Healthier Faith &

      Relationships Workshop

4:00pm  Health & Wellness Support

      Group - Reaching Our Goals

4:30pm   Flavorful Vegan Chili

      Cooking Class

You can attend classes individually, or

sign up for all 11 classes:

7:00am-5:00pm   Thriving Saturdays

       Health & Wellness Day Retreat

Monthly at 8:00pm  Thriving Vision Board Workshop

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Your body is your time machine. fuel & maintenance it with care.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach

Quality of Life Coaching

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching allows you to grow in areas specific to your journey, and discuss topics of your choice one-on-one, outside of a group setting.

Group Coaching  

Whether it's just you and a friend, close family, your Church Congregation, or your whole community, get everyone together to hear the holistic resources that promote optimal health.

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Natural Products

Don't feel like mixing up your own? I've got you covered! ;)


Whipped Shea Butter  •  $5.00


Lem-Honey Body Wash  •  $5.00


TTL Facial + Skin Care Gift Box  •  $68.00


Facial Cleanser  •  $5.00


Lemon Sugar Scrub  •  $5.00


Whipped Shea Butter  •  $5.00


TTL Sampler Gift Box  •  $29.00

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I believe financial status shouldn't be a barrior to healthy products & services.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach

& Do For All Fund Founder

TTL Do For ALL Fund

Holistic Health  Services Paid in Full for Those in Need




20% of your purchases go to the TTL Do For All Fund, so when you invest in our health, you're investing in others too!


The TTL Do For All Fund is reserved to cover the cost of products and services for those in financial need.



100% of donations go to the TTL Do For All Fund to make a direct impact in the health of others.

Are you ready to thrive?​
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I began Truly Thriving Lives as a way to share the tips & tools I’ve discovered to experience a more simplistic and fulfilling quality of life. I've been able to enjoy and share the benefits of minimalist living, eating mostly plants, meditation, faith, using pure home & body products, healthier family/friend relationships, and disciplined time-management. I've also been able to find, mix, and create working soaps and moisturizers that keep my daughter and I's skin soft and eczema free. 


It's my passion to guide groups and individuals in their health & wellness journey so that everyone can experience the peace of mind and freedom that comes from life-enriching habits & products—so that we can bypass the everyday hurtles that distract from our bigger dreams and passions—so we can all live truly thriving lives! :)

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach


Your future self will watch you through your memories. Live every moment in a way that your future self will smile about.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach