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Schedule a Private Class

You can schedule any class from the public class-list, as a private class. Whether it’s just you and a few friends, close family, your Church Congregation, or your whole community, get the group together to hear about the key holistic health tools that can help you, and those around you, experience a thriving health journey.

What's Included:

When you schedule a private class, you get to: 

  • Select your class of choice.

  • Request your preferred date & time.

  • Choose a virtual, or in-person setting.

  • Allow your guests to pay individually, or opt to cover the total amount for your guest.

  • Get a private registration link that your guests can use to register themselves.

  • Fill the class with just your group.

  • 30 minutes of instruction.

  • Plus, 25 min of Q&A / conversation time.

Full List of Classes

Holistic Mindset Classes

  • How to Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

  • Stop Sabotaging your Goals

  • Prepare to Do Things Differently

  • How to Stay Motivated 


Prayer & Bible  Classes

  • The Importance of Faith

  • Prepare for Effective Prayer

  • Setup for In-Depth Bible Study

  • Know your Calling and Live with Direction


Time Management Workshops

  • Assess the Root Issue

  • Develop Self Discipline 

  • Prioritize your Commitments

  • Use Time Wisely


Work and Finance Classes

  • Work-Life Balance Workshop

  • Lower Expenses Workshop

  • Increase Income Workshop

  • Entrepreneurship Mindset Workshop


Decluttered Minimalist Workshops

  • Declutter & Minimize your Wardrobe

  • Declutter & Minimize your Kitchen

  • Declutter & Minimize your Kids Toys

  • Declutter & Minimize your Car


Emotions and Relationships Classes

  • Understand and Resolve your Emotions 

  • Healthy Relationship Boundaries

  • Love Languages and Attachment Styles

  • Identify and Deal with Toxic Relationships 


Food and Fitness Classes

  • The Best Foods to Get Healthy & Stay Fit

  • How to Stick with Healthy Eating Each Day

  • The Best Way Lose Weight, Tone, & Get Healthy

  • How to Stay Active Each Day—and Enjoy It!


Chemical-free Mixing Parties

  • Deodorant Mixing Workshop

  • Toothpaste Mixing Workshop

  • Sugar Scrub Mixing Workshop

  • All-Purpose Cleaner Mixing Workshop


Femininity Workshops

  • Gentler Feminine Mindset

  • Gentler Feminine Interactions

  • Softer Feminine Spaces

  • Softer Feminine Appearance 


Homeschooling Classes

  • Know the Rules and Consider the Freedom 

  • Choose Subjects to Teach and Plan a Routine

  • Prepare Curriculum and Lesson Plans

  • Preparing for Portfolio Reviews

Dream Experiences Classes

  • Remember Dreams New and Old

  • Resolve Whatever’s Stopping You

  • Get Creative for Daily Enjoyment

  • Make your Big Dreams a Reality

If you'd like, you can take a look at the class descriptions to see which class would be best for your group, and return to this page to request a private class below.

Classes & Workshops
vs Keynotes & Panels

Once you request a private class, I’ll contact you about scheduling and availability, we'll finalize the details, and I'll send a customized private registration link for your group to use.

If you're looking for a keynote speaker for your event, a panelist for your a Q&A, a guest to interview on your podcast, etc., click here for details, and kindly submit your request using the Speaker Request Form.


I hope to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible, so we can all live truly thriving lives. By extending an invitation for me to teach a workshop for you, and your guests, you help to make that goal a reality.

Private Class Request Form: 
A little about you:
Which class?
Which class are you requesting for your guests?
Virtual or In-Person?
How would you like me to teach this class?
Who's virtual platform would you like to use? (Select N/A if In-Person.)
 Date & Time:

Private classes are usually scheduled Sunday through Thursday at 7pm, 8pm, or 9pm EST. Please write 3 time and date preferences below, preferably within the regular availability mentioned above. (Please specify your time zone.) 

Would you like this class to be taught at multiple times in one day?
What's the occasion?
Payment Preference?

Your private registration link can be setup in two ways: 


  1. Guests Pay option: You can opt for the Guests Pay option, if you'd like your guests to purchase their own tickets. It's just $10 to reserve this type of private class link.

  2. Pre-Pay option: The group leader can opt to cover the total ticket cost, so that guests can register for free.

(Need-based funding may be available. If interested, click the TTL Do for All Fund link after completing this form.)

Which pay option would you like?
Other details:
Will travel and hotel be provided? (for in-person requests)
Will ground transportation be provied? (for in-person requests)
And, I'm curious...
How did you hear about Truly Thriving Lives?

By submitting this In-Person Class Request form, you confirm that you have read, and agree to the following statements: You understand that applying is not a guarantee of service, resources, or resource availability, that scheduling is limited; and that Truly Thriving Lives reserves the right to accept, or forgo requests, based on feasibility, impact-ability, and discernment. By participating in/reading Truly Thriving Lives classes / workshops / seminars /  coaching / speaking / videos / posts / support group / website, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional, and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Quality of Live Coaching is not therapy or a medical treatment, nor does it diagnose or treat any medical or psychological condition.  The contents of Truly Thriving Lives’ classes / workshops / seminars / videos / posts / support group / website are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  For your safety, please consult your physician or healthcare provider before beginning this, or any new routine.  Please stop any activity immediately if you feel discomfort, lightheadedness, or nausea and call a medic or your physician. Always consult with a qualified medical professional before beginning any exercise program, and for diagnosis and treatment of health or mental concerns.  You understand that participating in cooking class, in the presence of or using sharp or potentially dangerous kitchen utensils and appliances, may be of a hazardous nature and/or include physical and/or strenuous activity, that serious accidents occasionally occur during the said activity; and that participants in the said activity can occasionally sustain personal injuries as a consequence thereof. Knowing the risks involved, nevertheless, you have voluntarily applied to participate in said activity, and you hereby agree to assume any and all risks of injury or death and to release and hold harmless Truly Thriving Lives and it’s employees who might otherwise be liable to you. Truly Thriving Lives and it’s employees are not responsible for any adverse affects resulting from your use of or reliance of any information contained in it’s classes / workshops / seminars / videos / posts / support group / speaking / coaching / website. Your Quality of Life Coach does not provide a second opinion or attempt to alter the plans and recommendations of your personal physician, but rather partners with you in support of your health goals.

 Attend a Public Class 

You can join other attendees from coast to coast for public classes happening live online each week, and embrace healthier habits together.

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Your future self will watch you through your memories. Live every moment in a way that your future self will smile about.

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Quality of Life Coach

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