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44 Holistic Health Classes

Enjoy guidance to help you embrace healthier habits in a fun, group environment. Keep scrolling for a list of live online classes, parties, and workshops to help you enjoy a better quality of life! 

Full List of Classes

Holistic Mindset Classes

  • How to Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

  • Stop Sabotaging your Goals

  • Prepare to Do Things Differently

  • How to stay Motivated 


Prayer & Bible  Classes

  • The Importance of Faith

  • Prepare for Effective Prayer

  • Setup for In-Depth Bible Study

  • Know your Calling and Live with Direction


Time Management Workshops

  • Assess the Root Issue

  • Develop Self Discipline 

  • Prioritize your Commitments

  • Use Time Wisely


Work and Finance Classes

  • Work-Life Balance Workshop

  • Lower Expenses Workshop

  • Increase Income Workshop

  • Entrepreneurship Mindset Workshop


Decluttered Minimalist Workshops

  • Declutter & Minimize your Wardrobe

  • Declutter & Minimize your Kitchen

  • Declutter & Minimize your Kids Toys

  • Declutter & Minimize your Car


Emotions and Relationships Classes

  • Understand and Resolve your Emotions 

  • Healthy Relationship Boundaries

  • Love Languages and Attachment Styles

  • Identify and Deal with Toxic Relationships 


Food and Fitness Classes

  • The Best Foods to Get Healthy & Stay Fit

  • How to Stick with Healthy Eating Each Day

  • The Best Way Lose Weight, Tone, & Get Healthy

  • How to Stay Active Each Day—and Enjoy It!


Chemical-free Mixing Parties

  • Deodorant Mixing Workshop

  • Toothpaste Mixing Workshop

  • Sugar Scrub Mixing Workshop

  • All-Purpose Cleaner Mixing Workshop


Femininity Workshops

  • Gentler Feminine Mindset

  • Gentler Feminine Interactions

  • Softer Feminine Spaces

  • Softer Feminine Appearance 


Homeschooling Classes

  • Know the Rules and Consider the Freedom 

  • Choose Subjects to Teach and Plan a Routine

  • Prepare Curriculum and Lesson Plans

  • Preparing for Portfolio Reviews

Dream Experiences Classes

  • Remember Dreams New and Old

  • Resolve Whatever’s Stopping You

  • Get Creative for Daily Enjoyment

  • Make your Big Dreams a Reality

Attend a Live Online Class

Join other attendees, attending from coast to coast, for public classes happening live online each week, and embrace healthier habits together.

Holistic Mindset Classes

How to Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Discover how a holistic mindset can help you thrive.

Or, Book a Private Class 

You can turn any of the classes above into a private class for you, and your family, congregation, employees, and community to enjoy together.

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We thrive better together.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach

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