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Mission &  Vision

Our Mission  is to increase awareness and use of holistic health & wellness, homeschooling, and time management techniques in the African American community, so we can all thrive financially, as a family, and all experience thriving health—mind, body & spirit!

Our Vision   is to use personal testimony and firsthand experience to promote and demonstrate the viability & ease of each technique via online videos, classes, and tools, such that each technique is approachable, accessible, and impactful to many.

What We Do

Truly Thriving Lives offers Videos, Classes, and Worksheets on a multitude of techniques. Each technique on it's own can make a measurable improvement to our daily lives. And these techniques and habits done together promote a balanced work-life experience, healthier relationships, and balanced health, mind body and spirit, all of which make for a better quality of life. Techniques include:

  • Minimalist Living

  • Eating Whole Plant Foods 

  • In the Moment Bible Study

  • Using pure home & body products

  • Healthier family/friend relationships

  • Homeschooling

  • Disciplined Time-Management

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How It All Began

Truly Thriving Lives began as a way to share the tips & tools Andrea discovered to experience a more simplistic and fulfilling quality of life. After mixing working soaps and moisturizers that kept her and her daughter's skin soft and eczema free, she began offering her skincare products at local farmers markets and online via Amazon and Etsy. She wanted to make a greater impact, so she began teaching the recipe for her products in order to empower others via YouTube and Online Classes. And so, Truly Thriving Lives blossomed into what it is today: a resource that empowers people to discover and enjoy the benefits of minimalist living, eating mostly plants, faith, using pure home & body products, healthier family/friend relationships, and disciplined time-management. Truly Thriving Lives is a Black-owned, Woman-owned business founded on Christian principles promoting homeschooling, time management, and holistic health & wellness resources to the African American Community.

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About the Founder

Andrea, the founder of Truly Thriving Lives, is a homeschooling mother of 3 who loves all things natural. She works as a Quality of Life Coach, teaching classes on holistic health & wellness, homeschooling, and time-management. She’s also dedicated to sharing her homeschool startup worksheets so that other parents can have a far easier transition into homeschooling & experience homeschool freedom!


It's her passion to guide groups and individuals in their health & wellness journey so that everyone can experience the peace of mind and freedom that comes from life-enriching habits & tools—so that we can bypass the everyday hurtles that distract from our bigger dreams and passions—so we can all live truly thriving lives! :)

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Your future self will watch you through your memories. Live every moment in a way that your future self will smile about.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach