Blue Water

Hear Your Calling
Live  with Direction

There are a lot of plans for your life, your parents plans, your plans, society's plans, your employer's plans... but listen for and follow the direction of God, the one who knows your gifts, heart, deepest thoughts, and even who you'll become. Follow the master's plan-- He has the master plan. Keep scrolling for YouTube Videos, Classes, and a Workbook to help you enjoy a better quality of life! 

to Live with Direction

Setup a system that helps you know, and do, what you're called to do.

for Fellowship

Jumpstart your new habits by attending a live online class from the comfort of your home in an uplifting group environment.

WHAT IS PRAYER • A 2-Way Conversation • Relationship God • A Message in Everyday Moments
Play Video
for  Prayer & Study Ideas

Stay inspired by how-to demos, day-in-the-life videos, and encouraging messages.

for Consistency

Get connected with like-minded people who share your values and aspirations. You can ask questions, gain support, and be inspired during Support Group gatherings! And, for one-on-one guidance, opt for Quality of Life Coaching.

Diet Plan

This  is  part of a full system of habits to help you thrive!

Core Habits

  • Embrace a Holistic Approach

  • Spend Time with God

  • Hear the Calling on Your Life

Supportive Habits

  • Stick to Routines & Use Time Wisely

  • Money & Work the Way It Should Be

  • Clutter-Free & Living More

Healthy Habits

  • Healthy Emotions & Relationships

  • Back To Basics Food & Fitness

  • Chemical-Free Home & Family

Legacy Habits

  • Feminine Mother of Little Ladies

  • Homeschooling to Enjoy Life

  • Live Out Dream Experiences

About Truly Thriving Lives


 How It All Began

I wanted to share what helped my family and I experience a more simplistic & fulfilling quality of life...

TTL Do For All Fund

The TTL Do For All Fund is reserved to cover the cost of products and services for those in financial need...

Beautiful Sunset

God's plans are way better than anything we could ever imagine.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach