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11 Support Groups

There's a support group for each healthy habit, that way, you can work towards better habits alongside others who share your aspirations:

  • Holistic Mindset Support Group

  • Prayer & Bible Support Group

  • Time Management Support Group

  • Fruitful Work & Finance Support Group

  • Decluttered Minimalist Support Group

  • Emotions & Relationships Support Group

  • Healthy Food & Fitness Support Group

  • Chemical-Free Support Group

  • Femininity Support Group

  • Homeschool Support Group

  • Dream Experiences Support Group

If you're interested in multiple groups, you can join more than one:

  • All 3 Core Support Groups

  • All 3 Health Support Groups

  • All 3 Legacy Support Groups

  • All 11 Support Groups


And, fyi, when you opt for Monthly Coaching, you also get access to all 11 Support Groups:

  • Quality of Life Coaching Membership

Challenges, Q&A, and   Gatherings:

Each Support Group offers ongoing support:

Here's what it's like when you log in:

Join the Community!

I'm looking forward to supporting you along your journey, so you can stay motivated, and consistent!


To join a support group, simply:

  1. Click the link below.

  2. Click "See all 16 Levels".

  3. Look for your topic of interest.

  4. Click "Join".

  5. and Follow the prompts to sign up.

Or, just attend when you can.

You'll get more bang for your buck by joining as a monthly member (see above), but if you'd like, you can just come to the virtual gatherings intermittently when needed. 

Attend as a non-member for:

The virtual gatherings for support group are geared toward those who have used the workbook, classes, and videos on that topic. That way, attendees have already covered the basics, and can get the most out of their monthly support group meetings. Even still, these helpful prerequisites are in no way mandatory, so all are always welcome.

To register for the virtual gathering only, 

  • Click the link below.

  • Select your topic of interest.

Wanna talk one-on-one?

If you ever want one-on-one guidance, consider individual coaching:

Winter Scenery

We thrive better together.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach

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