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Quality of Life Coaching

Coaching enables you to embrace healthier habits with one-on-one guidance along the way. You'll get to discuss topics of your choice, and get personalized advice.

These are my areas of expertise. You're welcome to focus on one area, or we can work on as many of these areas as you'd like:

Holistic Mindset Coaching

Prayer & Bible Study Coaching

Calling & Direction Coaching

Time Management Coaching

Work & Finance Coaching

Decluttered  Minimalist Coaching

Emotions & Relationships Coaching

Food & Fitness Coaching

Chemical-Free Lifestyle Coaching

 Femininity Coaching

Homeschool Coaching

Dream Experiences Coaching

You can use coaching while preparing to embrace healthier habits, for advice on specific mid-journey concerns, or for something entirely unique. The choice is yours. You can book single coaching sessions for session only, or you can join as a monthly coaching member, which includes some nice extras.

Enjoy Monthly Coaching!

Monthly Coaching Memberships include:

  • 4 individual coaching sessions monthly.

  • Access to All Support Groups as well:

  • That's all group posts:

    • All Weekly Challenges,

    • All Motivational Tips,

    • Each Ask me Anything session,

    • All Community Chats,

    • and Each group's Virtual Gatherings,

--all included in your membership.

For ongoing one-on-one guidance, plus access to all group posts & gatherings, enroll in monthly coaching.

Or, book a single session. 

If you'd like, you can book a single session intermittently when needed.

Beach Vacation

Your future self will watch you through your memories. Live every moment in a way that your future self will smile about.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach

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