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Back to Basics Food & Fitness

We already know what we need to do to be healthy: eat our fruits & veggies and exercise. Our bodies will return to a healthy weight, debilitating diseases will be prevented, and even reversed, if we do just that: eat mostly fruits & veggies, and move significantly more throughout the day. Keep scrolling for YouTube Videos, Classes, a Workbook, and other resources that help you enjoy abundant health! 

for Healthy Food & Fitness

Setup a system to make healthy nutrition, and regular fitness, a natural part of your lifestyle.

for Cooking & Fitness

Jump-start your new food & fitness habits by attending a live online class from the comfort of your home in an uplifting group environment.

Support Group
for Healthy Food & Fitness

Get connected with like-minded people who share your food & fitness aspirations. You can ask questions, gain support, and be inspired during online chats, and virtual gatherings!

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for One-on-One Guidance

Opt for Quality of Life Coaching for one-on-one guidance along the way, to discuss topics of your choice, and to get personalized advice.

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Private Classes
just for You & Your Group

Schedule any class from the public class-list, as a private class for your family group, congregation, or office.

for your Event 

Extend an invitation for me to speak at an event about Food & Fitness, or any of the 12 Healthy Habits. You'll get an intriguing message designed to encourage your guests to thrive.