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TTL Do For All  Fund
TTL's Do for All Fund

I believe financial status shouldn't be a barrier to health & wellness services. So, I reserve 20% of proceeds, and 100% of donations, for TTL’s Do For All Fund recipients. The TTL Do For All Fund is reserved to cover the cost of services for applicants in financial need, granting free access. So if services don’t fit your budget at this time, I encourage you to apply to be a recipient.

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The Need

There is a need for better mental, spiritual, & physical health, and overall prosperity, in the African American Community, and throughout the world. I have a passion for sharing holistic health & wellness resources, and a knack for teaching & visual communication. So, to help meet the need, I’ve created classes, communities, workbooks, inspirational posts, and how-to videos, to teach a variety of holistic techniques--a resource I call Truly Thriving Lives (TTL). 

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How to Apply

If you see resources you're interested in that are currently out of your price range, click the application link below and share your story, needs, and wants. With each new story-filled application, Truly Thriving Lives, and it's generous fund donors, can confirm the continual need for Do For All Funds, and increase available funding for you, and for future individuals.

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Ways to Contribute

If you’re interested and able, you can help make this resource accessible to all by sharing TTL's videos, attending classes, purchasing products, and 20% of your purchases will go to the Do For All Fund. 

And, if you want to do even more, you can click below to contribute directly to the Do for all Fund, and 100% of your donation will be used pave the way for others. 

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Thanks For Your Support!

Your contribution, regardless of the type, will help this holistic health & wellness resource to operate full time, to expand it’s reach, and to succeed in it’s mission: for us to all enjoy thriving health and live truly thriving lives! 

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I believe financial status shouldn't be a barrior to healthy products & services.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach

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