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 The Full
Healthy Habits System

When we try to live with good habits (like eating right, saving money, keeping the house clean...) it can be hard to succeed, especially when other unhelpful habits sabotage our efforts. Success comes when we embrace a multitude of better habits simultaneously, so that each helpful habit can support your success. Keep scrolling for details about how the Full System works, and how it promotes a better quality of life! 

What is the Full System?

The Full System is embracing all 12 Healthier Habits systematically, in a specific order, with the help of a variety of resources. By embracing a multitude of healthier habits, we can thrive in a multitude of areas, and enjoy a better quality of life. 

Why a Specific Order?

It's best to embrace healthier habits in a specific order, because there are 4 different types of habits: Foundational Habits, Core Habits, Health Habits, and Legacy Habits. And, because each type supports the other habits in a cumulative way.

1. Foundational Habits

Embrace the Foundational Habits first, because they establish a compelling reason to embrace the others habits.

These habits are:

  • Embrace a Holistic Approach

  • Spend Time with God

  • Hear the Calling on Your Life & Live with Direction

2. Core Habits

Embrace the Core Habits second, because they establish the time, space, and wealth that make it easier to embrace the other habits.​

These habits are:

  • Stick to Routines & Use Time Wisely

  • Setting up Work & Money the Way It Should Be

  • Clutter-Free & Living More

3. Healthy Habits

Embrace the Healthy Habits third, because they cultivate the strength, and vitality needed to succeed with the other habits.

These habits are:

  • Healthy Emotions & Relationships

  • Back To Basics Food & Fitness

  • Chemical-Free Home & Family

4. Legacy Habits

Embrace the Legacy Habits fourth, because the other  habits will need to be used to establish the legacy habits.


These habits are:

  • Gentle Femininity

  • Homeschooling to Enjoy Life

  • Enjoy Dream Experiences

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 Resources that guide you:

The Full System can be embraced with the help of a variety of resources. All these resources work together to serve various needs and preferences:


  • Workbooks - to embrace healthier habits independently.

  • Public Classes - to thrive together from coast to coast.

  • Private Classes - to have a class for a close-knit group.

  • Social Media Posts - for encouragement throughout the week.

  • YouTube Videos - for more in-depth tips, reflections, and day-in-the-life inspiration.

  • Support Groups - for ongoing support in a community environment.

  • Coaching - for ongoing one-on-one support. 

  • Speaking Availability - to empower entire congregations, offices, and communities to embrace healthier habits, and thrive.


Embrace the Full System!

No more roaming through life aimlessly... no more self-sabotage. Know your purpose and create a complete solution. Transform work, time management, finances, and housekeeping from chaotic distractions into strengths that support your success. Trade emotionally & physically toxic habits, for healthy habits that promote peaceful able-bodied longevity. Dream, live out those dreams, & build a family legacy that can thrive for generations to come. Use the variety of resources below to embrace The Fully System of Healthy Habits for a better quality of life!

Download the Full System

Setup all 12 healthy habit systems to thrive consistently.

44 Classes
for Healthier Habits

Jump-start each new habit by attending live online class from the comfort of your home in an uplifting group environment.

Support Groups
for Consistency 

Get connected with like-minded people who share each aspiration. You can ask questions, gain support, and be inspired during online chats, and virtual gatherings! 

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for One-on-One Guidance

Opt for Quality of Life Coaching for one-on-one guidance along the way, to discuss topics of your choice, and to get personalized advice.

Why a Holistic Approach is Best | Truly Thriving Lives | Black Health Matters
Play Video
12 Videos Channels
one for Each Habit

Stay inspired by how-to demos, day-in-the-life videos, and encouraging messages.

to Inspire You

Follow @trulythriving lives on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for inspirational posts, and updates about upcoming events.

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Not sure where to start?

A good place to start is with the following video, class, and workbooks. But, it's really up to you.  You can start with a different class, workbook, or video, you could start with coaching, whichever you feel is best for you.

"First Video" suggestion:

Watch this Holistic Mindset Video:

What if we Reached our Full Potential?

"1st Class" suggestion:


Attend this Holistic Mindset Class:

Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Full System of Workbooks:


Get  the Full System of workbooks, which includes a system completion guide.

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Your habits can either sabbotage each other, or support each other toward success.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach

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