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All we need is little inspiration to spark an amazing homeschool lesson, and a successful homeschool day. You can get guidance on what to teach for each subject in the Subject Guides. Then, just use all the playlists below for ideas on how to teach each concept.

for Homeschool Lessons

Kids want screen time, and we want lessons: it's a perfect mix! Use these playlists to help teach & review various concepts. You can play them on your smartphone, computer, or tv. (Pro Tip: Consider upgrading to YouTube Premium to watch ad-free.)

for Homeschool Lessons

You can watch videos from some of the activities we tried and recommend. And, you can view day-in-the-life videos for planning & field trip inspiration.

When you homeschool, you

get to leave a legacy of wisdom,

skill, brilliance, and love.

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach

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